Now Offering Custom Roof Racks!


Roof racks provide a platform for additional storage, lighting, awnings, or can simply be used for an elevated view.


Designed to last, our custom roof racks and ladders are made of aluminum and include a limited lifetime warranty.

P1060317.JPGRacks are powder coated with optional texturing or colors available. With your specific needs and budget in mind, we will develope a solution to exceed expectations.

Features include:

•Powder Coated Aluminum With Texture
& Color Options
•2-3 Week Lead Time
•Optional Lazer Cut Logo
•Ladder Comes Standard With Quick
Release & Lockable Features
•Racks Can Be Made Into Two Locking
•Fully Customizable
•Limited Lifetime Warranty

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#vanlife Couple saves $600k in 4 years

“Earlier this year, the two 28-year-olds quit their six-figure jobs as engineers, purchased their van for around $8,800 and began traveling the United States. To do so, they had saved up more than $600,000 in just four years, thanks to a confluence of fortunate circumstances and a commitment to frugality. The Owens fit into a few trends – such as #vanlife, which is exactly what it sounds like: people living in vans, as well as the FIRE movement, which stands for ‘financial independence, retire early’ and is mostly composed of young people who detest cubicles and desire a self-made schedule.”

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7-3-18 Install

Today a customer asked us to install an automatic running board and a custom suspension system. (2)


After, our customer asked if we could lower his driver side step.


And we did.

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Three Steps to a Successful Upfit: Plan, Plan, Plan

Upfitting a vehicle to perform a specific task is one of the more complicated aspects of fleet management that is fraught with many opportunities to make mistakes, sometimes very expensive ones. We all agree that planning is crucial to the success of any project, but it is especially important when spec’ing a new upfit. Conceptually, most fleet managers will agree with this statement, but it isn’t always followed in actual practice.

Source: Three Steps to a Successful Upfit: Plan, Plan, Plan